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Hi there, I have a physical copy of Dreamweaver CS3. I’m having two problems, and would be glad if I could have at least one of them solved if not both: 1. Laptop I had to reformat my laptop a while ago, and I upgraded to Windows 10 at the same time. Since then, I can’t get the Activation adobe dreamweaver cs3 free download installation to complete. I assume there is at least one of two problems going on, as I was able to install it on my husband’s PC not a long term solution as his hard drive is failing.

The differences between his computer and my laptop that I am assuming could affect this install: – I am running Windows He is running Windows 7. He has not had those programs activation adobe dreamweaver cs3 free download on his computer. These special versions do not require activation.

So, of course, Dreamweaver is threatening that I will only be able to use it for 30 days. Does anyone know a whether it will actually stop working after 30 days or whether the de-activation of the CS3 servers makes it so I can just keep using it dreamwever, or b where I can enter my serial to actually get a new serial and installer as advertised on that vs3 They have already made it clear that they can’t help me and directed me to the forums.

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