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Page Maker Tutorial.

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For Apply to, select a page range for the selected text block or select Each Page in Story. You use the menu bar to give PageMaker instructions on how to set up your publication and lay out your pages. Type — The options on this menu allow you to specify the size and alignment of your text.


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You can refine the style later. PageMaker 7. Apart from these, there is also the Control Palette as was shown in fig 1. Click the Wrap Option according to your graphic or image you are working with.


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Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Adobe PageMaker 7. Aung Pyae. Related Papers. Constrained line tool a’gifvkduf? Text Frame rsm;? Inches decimal?

Styles Palette? Layers Palette? Master Pages Palette? Script Palette? Data Merge Palette? Template Посмотреть еще Gonf Green? Monf Magenta? Yonf Yellow? L onf Lightness? Point Size? Hanging indent? Paragraph Space? Character Attributes Button B.

Align to Grid off P. Science toD;oD;jyifvkdufNyD;? Vertical nudge: wGif 0. Edit Menu rS Paste Multiple Vertical offset: wGif 0 ukdxnhfyg? Vertical offset:wGif 0. Size onf 12? Leading onf Auto? Size onf 14? Horizontal Scale? Position Superscript, Subscript ykHpH? Case pmvkH;ykHpH? Body Text? Files of type?

Document modified? Element MenurS Link Options Find Next? Spelling tydik ;f? Index Entry? Show Index? Create Index? Lower roman i,ii,iii Title Case This is адрес computer. Size: 18? Leading: Auto? Size: 16? Adobe Online? Do one of the following: 1. Pointer tool F9 B. Rotating tool! Line tool!

Rectangle tool! Ellipse setting up logic pro free Polygon tool! Hand tool! Text tool! Cropping tool! Constrained-line tool! Rectangle frame tool! Ellipse Frame tool! Polygon Frame tool! Adobe pagemaker 7.0 tutorials pdf free download tool! Open a copy of a publication or the original!

Revert to last mini-save! Save all open adobe pagemaker 7.0 tutorials pdf free download Save becomes Save All!

Close all open pubs Close becomes Close All! Semi-automatic text flow! Proportional resize for graphics or grouped objects! Defer text продолжить чтение while adjusting text wrap Hold spacebar Select multiple elements! Select element behind others Ctrl-click each click selects next element back нажмите сюда Constrain move vertically or horizontally! Edit OLE object Double-click object Nudge selected object Press arrow keys Nudge selected object by ten times the amount in Preferences!

Edit story or text frame Triple-click text object with pointer tool 7. Redraw current page Use shortcut for current view 8. Cycle through pages! Go to next page Page Down Go to previous page Page Up Kern apart. Kern together. Select word Double-click with I-beam 2. Select paragraph Triple-click with I-beam 3. Up one line Up Arrow 4.

Down one line Down Arrow 5. To beginning of line Home 6. To end of line End 7. Left one character Left Arrow 8. Adobe pagemaker 7.0 tutorials pdf free download one character Right Arrow 9.