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Typos and grammar mistakes can be costly. Typing errors, grammar mistakes, and poor spelling undermine professionalism and credibility. They cause readers to doubt you and skip your content because of these mistakes.

Grammarly helps make your writing great with the use of an AI-powered writing assistant. With Grammarly, anyone can have excellent grammar without a fancy degree or hours upon hours of writing practice and learning all the rules or hiring a proofreader for every single project. Grammarly is a writing-enhancement software as a service SaaS platform that helps users with the English language.

From technical assistance to helping with effective communication through tone and sentence structure, Grammarly helps users make their writing the best that it can be. With unique customizations, you can set Grammarly to watch for tone and style, to adapt to a specific type of writing ranging from professional to nonformal writing. Grammarly has a free version that is without a time limitation.

The free version is the most basic offering Grammarly has with basic spelling and punctuation checkers, as a pronoun and subject-verb agreement checks. It is sufficient to be a basic grammar and spelling checker for those who need a simple email or social media posts. The Premium features take spell check and grammar check to the next level. With the premium version, users can utilize advanced options like punctuation, advanced grammar, context, and sentence structure.

Grammarly will suggest vocabulary enhancements and genre-specific style checks at the Premium level. Another feature offered is the plagiarism check to ensure that your content is original and wholly yours. Grammarly does not offer a money-back guarantee on Premium plan purchases.

Grammarly feeds are non-refundable, and they do not prorate fees should you desire to cancel your service before the term is completed. Grammarly is considered one of the best proofreading and grammar editing software, even if it is on the pricey side of the spectrum. There are several good proofreading editors available.

Finding one that is right for you, your business, and your writing needs depends on your writing goals. Grammarly is rarely cheating. It is a grammar service that helps users help edit their documents. Though it offers many suggestions for improvement, it only works with what is in the paper but rewording suggestions.

Used by business professionals and students alike, Grammarly is a tool that makes your writing better; it does not do the work for you. Grammarly can help anyone be a better writer. It is an excellent tool for both native English speakers and non-English speakers. Those who would benefit from Grammarly would be anyone that writes. Bloggers, content creators, authors, academics, business professionals, and students all find Grammarly to be a powerful tool in their arsenal. Grammarly is an excellent resource for native English speakers or for those who have basic proficiency in English.

Grammarly is a proofreading aid, not an English teacher, a writing bot, or an editor. Users must be able to put sentences and paragraphs together for Grammarly to check and edit.

Another difficultly non-English speakers might face is that not all Grammarly suggestions are accurate or valuable suggestions. You have to have a working knowledge of the English language and grammar to know which edits are good and which ones should be avoided. Though Grammarly is software and is an add-on service, it is straightforward to use. While it uses advanced AI technology, you do not have to be an expert in using it. With an easy user interface and easy-to-use notifications, checking grammar and spelling could not be any easier.

Grammarly features a sidebar that be easily turned on and off and easy itemized corrections in order as they appear in the document so that you can edit, approve, or reject revisions as you read through your text. Even though Grammarly is one of the best writing-enhancement tools available, it is not perfect. The program can only function according to the rules it is programmed to catch. Even though the success rate is high, there are still suggestions that Grammarly makes that are not accurate to the style and flow of a document, especially for creative writing.

Using Grammarly still requires an eye for grammar detail and knowledge of writing to utilize Grammarly well. For those that are not proficient in writing or grammar, Grammarly is a good tool, but it will only take you as far as they can work with and use the tool to their advantage. AI-powered technology can compete with but cannot fully replace the human mind and eye.

When you want creative, unique, readable content, outsourcing your work to a professional proofreader and editor is the best way to ensure that your writing is top-notch in all areas. Skip to content. Grammarly Features Grammarly is a writing-enhancement software as a service SaaS platform that helps users with the English language. Spell Check : Grammarly is more robust and more thorough than the average spell checker.

Grammarly will comb through a document looking for words that are spelled wrong. Punctuation and Grammar : From punctuation errors to run-on sentences, fragments, and comma splices, Grammarly has suggestions that will help fine-tune writing.

Genre-specific writing check : Users can categorize their writing before checking their documents. With over thirty document types, you can ensure your document is exactly as it needs to be. You can set the parameters for professional or academic writing to nonformal and even comedic writing.

The grammar suggestions adjust accordingly, allowing for exceptions and recommendations based on the writing style. Some of the settings that are adjustable for each document include: Intent — purpose of the document Audience — expert or general Style — informal or formal Emotion — mild or strong Domain — creative, academic, technical, or business Other features include: Readability : Grammarly checks for sentence structure and clarity.

It will help improve clunky sentences, looks for wordiness and run-on sentences. AI technology helps writers make their writing more clear and concise. Skills Enhancement : Grammarly goes beyond a simple spell checker and grammar police. It gives a brief explanation and quick edit options that show what went wrong and why which teaches you what to look for in your writing. Grammarly also keeps an eye out for overly repeated words and commonly overused words that help improve sentence clarity and avoid mundane writing.

Through consistent and attentive use, users will find that their grammar and style will improve. Integrations : Grammarly can be used on many different applications and as an extension. Options for Use : While Grammarly can be installed and work in conjunction with various other platforms, Grammarly also has a workplace where you can write and edit your work without needing other programs.

You can also import documents from other locations into Grammarly. Grammarly Pricing 1 Free Version Grammarly has a free version that is without a time limitation. Grammarly Competitors Grammarly is considered one of the best proofreading and grammar editing software, even if it is on the pricey side of the spectrum. Who is Grammarly suitable for? Is Grammarly appropriate for non-English speakers? Is Grammarly easy to use? Can Grammarly replace a professional proofreader or editor?

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One of the easiest ways to use Grammarly is via a browser extension.


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Grammarly helps users to improve their writing by identifying a variety of writing errors. These errors can be related to punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker that lets users compare their work against published works. Grammarly Premium has monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.

Grammarly offers monthly and annual subscriptions to Grammarly Business for teams of three and up. The prices listed represent the average cost per user per month.

However, the annual plan is billed as one charge for all users. Teams get access to additional collaboration tools, including admin panels, centralized billing, team usage statistics, priority email support, and more. Grammarly does not offer special student pricing discounts or a student-centered app. Like other individual users, students can access the free version of Grammarly but this comes with its limitations. Grammarly offers an enterprise plan for educational institutions like colleges and universities.

This plan includes:. Grammarly offers customized plans depending on need and team size. Individual Premium features include everything in the free version plus these additional categories:. Business team members receive all the benefits of an individual Premium plan plus additional features. A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. Try it for free! Do you remember that teacher who would go through your essays and point out every single mistake?

ProWritingAid is just as thorough but not at all judgy. ProWritingAid is the full package. ProWritingAid wants you to be a better writer—no matter what you write. ProWritingAid has more writing reports than Grammarly. Depending on the type of writer you are, you may not use all of them. Each report targets a specific area of your writing. While some reports offer quick suggestions, others go more in depth. The end result is that all 20 reports help you to improve your writing over time.

Yes, you might have fixed your sentence structures and addressed pacing issues, but how much better are you than before? Goals are like report cards for your documents. These highlighted areas will allow you to make more targeted changes so you can feel more confident in your writing.

ProWritingAid allows you to edit wherever you are by offering more integration options than Grammarly like:. Its browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari let you check your writing on almost every website, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Medium, and Wattpad. There are a host of in-app suggestions, explanations, videos, and quizzes to help you become a stronger writer. You can also download and use the browser extension on text of up to words anywhere online.

You can perform real-time editing in the free online editor by choosing to accept suggestions or making your own changes. This subscription comes with a Plagiarism Checker that compares your writing to billions of existing copies across the web. You also can purchase plagiarism checks ad hoc and according to your specific needs. ProWritingAid also offers a lifetime subscription option.

Both Premium versions of ProWritingAid begin with a 7-day free trial. They also offer a day no question, money-back guarantee. Your professors will love reading your polished, error-free assignments and your grades will thank you.

ProWritingAid also offers a Team Subscription. Teams using ProWritingAid are more effective because they write better, faster, and with fewer mistakes. Use ProWritingAid to drastically improve the way your team writes customer emails, reports, pitches, and more. ProWritingAid and Grammarly will both help you to improve your writing. ProWritingAid takes it a step further with their commitment to your continuous learning. With an affinity for learning new things, you can always count on her to know some random fact.

TAGS: writing technology. Grammarly is a popular online editing tool that acts as a writing assistant. Have you tried ProWritingAid yet? What are you waiting for?

It’s the best tool for making sure your copy is strong, clear, and error-free! Ashleigh Ferguson Copywriter. Follow us. Popular Articles Writing Apps.

The Best Free Writing Apps. Greatest MasterClass Courses for Writers. Here’s what we had planned at the London Book Fair. Grammar Guide Learn everything you need to know about grammar. Improve your grammar. Log in. I have it as an add-on to Word Mac , but after changes it freezes and I have to restart it. It is annoying to have to do this every minutes.

Is there a fix, or is this how it works? Hey there! Thank you for your comment! The biggest cause of slowness and crashing within PWA is the size of a document. How many words is your document? Writing Apps. ProWritingAid vs. Great Writing, Made Easier.

A grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. Try it for free today. Sign up. Contact Us.