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This gets extra difficult as you fill with blood, thus making your turning slower. You see, each stage is focused on a Yamata family member. As the stages move forward, you also move throughout the house. As you might imagine, these family members are just trying to live their life. This means you might be preying on them while they are cooking, cleaning, or watching TV. However, this means you will also be spying on them during more intimate times as well. All the while, kinky elevator music is playing in the background.

It was a very weird stage, and definitely remember-able for all the wrong reasons. When I first read the name Mister Mosquito, I imagined a pretty run-of-the-mill platforming game with a colorful insect as its protagonist.

What I eventually discovered was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had playing a game. You just might enjoy your time as a mosquito as I did.

Remember when we said “there’s no chance in hell of Sony flying Mr. Mosquito over to America” back in our preview of the Japanese version? Well, we were half-right some might say halfwrong : It’s not Sony, but rather Eidos’ new Fresh Games label who has the stones to bring this quirky Swoop around the relatively gigantic rooms of a typical Japanese household as one of the teeny buggers, searching for power-ups and waiting for an opportunity to feed.

Once you find an opening, suck your victims dry by twirling the analog stick. But suck too long heehee or too hard baahahaha and you risk getting swatted, or entering Battle mode against a very itchy and very annoyed family member about 10, times your size. Browse games Game Portals. He is driven by the same needs as regular mosquitos are, and like some of his biological brethren, he must store away enough blood to get him through the winter.

He also has a strange fascination for Rena Yamada. Each level has a human doing his everyday activity sleeping , taking a shower.. The player takes control of the mosquito and tries to sneak up on those poor humans to suck their blood and fill the blood meter. The mosquito can only suck blood from exposed body parts. Once Mr. Mosquito has landed on the exposed part, the player must then puncture the person’s flesh and begin sucking out blood with the analog sticks.

Mosquito must also pay attention to the human’s heartbeat and sync his sucking to it in order to decrease his chances of being spotted and killed by his human victim.

If Mr. Mosquito is discovered by flying too close to the human’s field of vision or extracting blood too quickly; a Man Vs. Mosquito boss battle game begins. The human in the room will try to disable and kill Mr. Mosquito has to dive-bomb suggestive, and sometimes humorously placed “relaxation points” on his attacker. If he hits enough of the relaxation points the human will RELAX and will resume their previous activity, forgetting all about Mr.

There are also many collectibles to be found in each level that allow for life and blood container upgrades and expansion. You can also unlock differently colored skins for your pest by quickly filling your blood container for each level and keeping your “boss” battle times low. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved.

Characters It’s the Yamada family! It’s our hero, Mr. Gameplay Guess where the relaxation points are. Relax, man. This game is one of Game Informer’s top ten weirdest games of all time. A sequel called ” Ka 2: Let’s go to Hawaii ” was only released in Japan. Tweet Clean. Cancel Update.


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Feb 03,  · Mister Mosquito is a mosquito game. The Mister Mosquito would like to collect more Coin. But there are many hindrances / obstacles; lock, toadstool, etc. Help the Mister Mosquito by Jumping. Tap screen to jump and avoid obstacles. There are a lot of levels and more coming You must complete the mission, from the lowest level up to the highest replace.mery: Game. Mar 23,  · Mister Mosquito is a thoroughly original title that brings to a new audience, through parody, a touch of what makes Japanese culture so appealing . Mister Mosquito, spelled Mr Moskeeto in PAL regions and known in Japan as Ka (蚊, lit.”Mosquito”), is a video game developed by ZOOM Inc. for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) video game replace.me game was first released in Japan by Sony on June 21, and the following March in other territories as part of the Eidos Interactive “Fresh Games” label.. The player controls a mosquito named “Mister.


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We will give you our recommendation too. Description Details Versions. Mosquito over to America” back in our preview of the Japanese version? Gyrosphere Evolution.