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If you want to get a very smooth compression effect, while still coloring the sound with warmth and richness, Vintage Opto is the way to go. Try Vintage Opto when you want to let mid and low frequencies sing through, while higher frequencies are more finely attenuated.

Fun Fact: Optical compressors literally react to a light flashing in response to the audio signal coming in. They have a bit of a sluggish response once all the conversions are factored in, resulting in their distinctly smooth vintage tone. The bad news is that a compressor will almost never fix a weak sound.

Compression is intended to either bring out the best in your sounds, eliminate inconsistencies, or provide a tool for experimentation. The good news is that Logic Pro X comes with a very solid and convincing range of compressors with a wide variety of uses. As always, have a play around, trust your ears, and enjoy your music making!

This is so amazing!.. I wish I could write these notes down on each compressors so I can pick the right one for each use case!

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Read our full affiliate disclosure here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Type to search or hit ESC to close. See all results. In the previous example of a kick-heavy compression, the solution would be a high-pass filter HP set just above the frequency of the kick drum around Hz. Across the drum loop, instantiate the Compressor plug-in and set up a moderate amount of compression using the Vintage VCA model — Ratio, dB Threshold, medium Attack and Release.

By default, this is a low-pass filtered version of the input. Deactivate the Listen mode and move the filter to On. With the Side Chain in place the result is arguably more musical, and closer to how our ears hear the drums.

Use the ParEQ mode and apply a gain increase at around 80Hz. You might want to adjust the Release times so that the movements are empathetic to the sound and speed of the kit. You can adjust the output level with the Make Up knob. While Peak is technically more accurate, RMS provides a better indication of how people perceive the signal loudness.

If you hear any distortion, turn off Auto Gain and adjust the Make Up knob until the distortion is inaudible. Use of a side chain with a compressor is common. The dynamics level changes of another channel strip is used as a control source for compression.

For example, the dynamics of a drum groove can be used to rhythmically change the compression, and therefore dynamics, of a guitar, synthesizer, or bass part. The side chain signal is used only as a detector or trigger in this situation. The side chain source is used to control the compressor, but the audio of the side chain signal is not actually routed through the compressor. In the plug-in window header, choose the channel strip that carries the signal you want to use as the side chain source from the Side Chain pop-up menu.

Compressor envelope times The Attack and Release parameters shape the dynamic response of Compressor. Compressor Knee The Knee parameter determines whether the signal is slightly, or severely, compressed as it approaches the threshold level. Other Compressor parameters As Compressor reduces levels, the overall volume at its output is typically lower than the input signal.


Using compressor logic pro x free.Basics of Compression And How TO Use the Logic Pro Compressor With VoiceOver

So, the groups work like this: the channels routes to bus groups, and the bus groups routes to mix bus. There is no rule for that, but around 3 to 4 dB will be nice. You can use Compressor with individual tracks, нажмите чтобы узнать больше vocal, instrumental, and effects tracks, as well as on using compressor logic pro x free overall mix. Just selecting a preset is not using compressor logic pro x free excuse not to do your homework and learn what a Compressor does and how to use it. In addition to not even triggering the Compressor at all, I have witnessed settings with the default 1. Editors on a inch MacBook Pro can expect workstation-class performance and the ability to transcode between different ProRes formats faster than ever before. I have seen projects with Compressors in place with no threshold at the default 0.


Easy Vocal Compression in Logic Pro X – Finewav.


This is a simple tutorial on how to add the perfect amount of compression for speech, dialogue and spoken vocals in Logic Pro X. In optical compressors using compressor logic pro x free the Teletronix LA-2Athe incoming audio signal modulates a lighting element that projects onto a light-sensitive resistor.

The resistance of this light-sensitive element modulates the compression circuit and determines how quickly and to what degree the signal по этой ссылке attenuated. Sound complicated? Setting up this compressor in Logic takes only seconds. As a small disclaimer, compression on speech and dialogue typically sounds best when used judiciously. Heavy-handed compression can sound choppy, amateurish, and distracting.

Likewise, these settings work best for a vocal recordings made in a quiet room or studio, посетить страницу good microphone technique. If using an existing recording, adjust the region gain so that the levels average around dBFS. We recommend opening the Logic Pro MultiMeter plugin as a visual reference and aiming for dB, as shown below. In the Compressor user interface, navigate to the presets at the top right of the window.

In our case, we set the threshold to dB. Right away, you may notice that the levels might sound a bit low. We leave this headroom for following up the compressor with an EQ plugin and then using a limiter to make up the additional gain without clipping. Even if the recording still needs a bit more work, the compression stage of signal chain will have been taken care of. Жмите сюда hope this gives you a starting point for using vocal compression in Logic Using compressor logic pro x free X.

These settings were created to serve as a universal template for any spoken vocal studio recording, but feel free to using compressor logic pro x free them to suit your application. If you found this helpful, leave a comment, and follow us on TwitterYouTube and Instagram. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Home About Blog Contact. Click the gain reduction bar on the channel strip of your vocal track Step 5: In the Compressor user interface, navigate to the presets at the top right of the window.

Set auto-gain using compressor logic pro x free dB and adjust the threshold knob. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. My New Stories.