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App-V server. The App-V server provides App-V management, virtualized app publishing, app streaming, and reporting services. Each of these services can be run on one server or can be run individually on multiple servers. For example, you could have multiple streaming servers. App-V clients contact App-V servers to determine which apps are published to the user or device, and then run the virtualized app from the server.

App-V sequencer. The App-V sequencer is a typical client device that is used to sequence capture apps and prepare them for hosting from the App-V server. You install apps on the App-V sequencer, and the App-V sequencer software determines the files and registry settings that are changed during app installation.

Then the sequencer captures these settings to create a virtualized app. App-V client. The App-V client must be enabled on any client device on which apps will be run from the App-V server.

For more information about implementing the App-V server, App-V sequencer, and App-V client, see the following resources:. These components include:. UE-V service. The UE-V service when enabled on devices monitors registered applications and Windows for any settings changes, then synchronizes those settings between devices.

Settings packages. Settings packages created by the UE-V service store application settings and Windows settings. Settings packages are built, locally stored, and copied to the settings storage location. Settings storage location. This location is a standard network share that your users can access. The UE-V service verifies the location and creates a hidden system folder in which to store and retrieve user settings.

Settings location templates. Settings location templates are XML files that UE-V uses to monitor and synchronize desktop application settings and Windows desktop settings between user computers.

By default, some settings location templates are included in UE-V. You can also create, edit, or validate custom settings location templates by using the UE-V template generator. Settings location templates are not required for Windows applications.

Universal Windows applications list. UE-V determines which Windows applications are enabled for settings synchronization using a managed list of applications. By default, this list includes most Windows applications. The Managed User Experience feature is a set of Windows 10 Enterprise edition features and corresponding settings that you can use to manage user experience.

Table 2 describes the Managed User Experience settings by category , which are only available in Windows 10 Enterprise edition. The management methods used to configure each feature depend on the feature. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Note The following table only lists Windows Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback. In this article. This feature uses virtualization-based security to help protect security secrets for example, NTLM password hashes, Kerberos Ticket Granting Tickets so that only privileged system software can access them.

This helps prevent Pass-the-Hash or Pass-the-Ticket attacks. This feature is a combination of hardware and software security features that allows only trusted applications to run on a device. This feature helps IT pros determine which applications and files users can run on a device.

With this feature, you can capture user-customized Windows and application settings and store them on a centrally managed network file share. You can also restrict access to services including Cortana or the Windows Store, and manage Start layout options, such as: Removing and preventing access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands Removing Log Off the User tile from the Start menu Removing frequent programs from the Start menu Removing the All Programs list from the Start menu Preventing users from customizing their Start screen Forcing Start menu to be either full-screen size or menu size Preventing changes to Taskbar and Start menu settings.

You can deploy a customized Start layout to users in a domain. No reimaging is required, and the Start layout can be updated simply by overwriting the. This enables you to customize Start layouts for different departments or organizations, with minimal management overhead.

For more information on these settings, see Customize Windows 10 Start and taskbar with Group Policy. You can suppress Windows elements that appear when Windows starts or resumes and can suppress the crash screen when Windows encounters an error from which it cannot recover.

For more information on these settings, see Unbranded Boot. You can use the Custom Logon feature to suppress Windows 10 UI elements that relate to the Welcome screen and shutdown screen.

For more information on these settings, see Custom Logon. For more information on these settings, see Shell Launcher. You can use Keyboard Filter to suppress undesirable key presses or key combinations.

This is not desirable on devices intended for a dedicated purpose. For more information on these settings, see Keyboard Filter. You can use Unified Write Filter UWF on your device to help protect your physical storage media, including most standard writable storage types that are supported by Windows, such as physical hard disks, solid-state drives, internal USB devices, external SATA devices, and so on. For more information on these settings, see Unified Write Filter.

Tallenna ja sulje mahdollisesti avoinna olevat sovellukset ja tiedostot. Kun olet valmis, valitse Asenna. Tarkista seuraavat seikat tietokoneessa, johon haluat asentaa Windows n: tai bittinen suoritin.

Windowsin kieli. Windowsin tuoteversio. Microsoft Office -tuotteet. Kun tiedosto on ladattu, siirry tiedoston tallennussijaintiin tai valitse Avaa tallentava DVD-asema ja kopioi tiedosto DVD-levylle seuraamalla ohjeita. Valitse Asenna Windows. Aloita Windows n asentaminen kaksoisnapsauttamalla setup. Lataa Insider Preview -esiversioita Windows Insider -sivustosta.


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